We have already begun to take steps to improve operational efficiency. For instance:

  • The Group Chairs have agreed upon implementation of a single electronic clinical data management system, which will simplify and streamline clinical trial operations across the Groups.

  • The Group Chairs are exploring opportunities to harmonize and consolidate operational functions such as biostatistics and data management, as well as ways to make tissue acquisition, banking and access more efficient. Three groups (ACOSOG, NCCTG and CALGB) have recently announced the consolidation of their biostatistical and data management centers.

  • For current and future patients, the lengthy time to trial activation means that many will not receive treatment that could represent their best hope for survival. The Group Chairs and our Disease Committee Leaders are committed to the principles of the Operational Efficiency Working Group. Currently, we are accelerating the activation timelines for all of our clinical studies with the help of the OEWG.

  • An internal dialogue is underway to address the optimal configuration of our scientific programs and portfolios, building on our diversity and strengths.