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Catherine Milligan

Catherine Milligan, breast cancer, cancer trial participant
Information Is the Key to Cancer Survival

Catherine Milligan, a 32-year-old executive, rarely misses a beat. Two years ago, while teaching a training class in Texas, she received her shocking mammogram results: breast cancer. She finished the class, flew home, and spent the next day with her husband researching breast cancer in young women. Within the week, she has a lumpectomy and returned to work.

She then met medical oncologist, Dr Barry C. Lembersky, clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. “By openly discussing the various available options,” Lembersky says, “I helped Cathy understand that most improvements in breast cancer treatment result from clinical research. We reviewed a current Phase III trial that compares adjuvant Adriamycin® and cyclophosphamide (AC) followed by Taxotere® to other regimens. It was my responsibility to put this trial into perspective for her.”

Cathy asked her medical team many questions. “Dr Lembersky gave me the latest information on trials, background about the recommended trial, and explained what they hoped to discover,” she says. “Then he introduced me to one of his nurses and trial participants who dispelled any remaining doubts. It didn’t seem to be much of a risk.”