I am/I care for a patient with cancer

Patient Testimonials

Shellee Sabey

Shellee Sabey, daughter of Patricia Sabey, breast cancer, cancer trial participant
Pat Sabey experienced minimal side effects during the trial, and three and a half years after her initial diagnosis, she is symptom-free.

When 57-year-old Patricia Sabey was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, she had no idea how fast her body was succumbing to the disease. Within three months, the tumor was the size of an orange and had spread to her lymph nodes. Dr Howard Burris, III, the oncologist who first saw Pat at a free clinic, knew that her treatment would have to be as aggressive as her cancer. To guarantee the best-quality care, he recommended Phase II clinical trial and, since she had no medical insurance, helped her sign up for Medicaid coverage.