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Cancer Clinical Trial Resources


Stakeholders in the cancer research enterprise recognize the importance of insurance coverage in increasing participation in cancer clinical trials. A number of states and insurers are working to ensure coverage of the costs of routine care provided in cancer clinical trials.

Routine care costs generally include items that would typically be provided to a patient if they received care outside a cancer clinical trial, such as diagnostic procedures, office visits, intravenous infusions, and inpatient hospital admissions. Costs associated specifically with the trial, such as the medication or treatment, testing required to assess results, and data gathering activities, are most often covered by the trial sponsor, and are not considered part of routine care costs.

Some states have enacted laws requiring coverage of some or all of the routine care costs involved with cancer clinical trials, while others have worked with insurers to develop voluntary agreements. Some insurers also have elected to cover cancer clinical trial costs independently of state mandates or agreements.